Need Dry suit Repair?

Dive Yippee Not Drippy...

A dry suit is an expensive investment, so we understand how frustrating it can be to get into the water and feel that cold trickle touch your skin. No worries, we’ve got you covered! We offer high-quality dry suit repair at reasonable prices. Our trained dry suit repair technicians are experienced in finding and fixing the problem the first time, guaranteeing satisfaction. Simply fill out our repair form, which includes your contact information, repair details, and payment information. After completing the form, mail or deliver your dry suit along with it to the listed address. That’s it! Let us handle the repairs, so you can dive confidently knowing that your dry suit is, in fact, a “DRY SUIT.”

Please send your suit insured and with tracking. We are not responsible for suits that are lost to us in transit. Do not send dry-suit bags or extras. We only want what we are working on (please send with all valves including p-valves, and seals). Not being able to seal the suit will result in delayed repair and testing.Please send dry-suits with ALL VALVES AND SEALS. Not being able to seal the suit will result in delayed repair and testing. 

Step 1

Submit this simple form to get the process started…

Step 2

Download  the Repair Form…

Step 3

Mail (or Drop Off) the Completed Form with Your Dry Suit to…

Attn. Yippiee Expeditions
Gilboa Quarry
3763 Old State Rte 224, Ottawa, OH 45875


Attn. Yippiee Expeditions
Louisville Dive Center
1303 Durrett Ln, Louisville, KY 40213


Attn. Yippiee Expeditions
4680 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

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